Monday, April 24, 2006

Home again home again, jiggity jig

I don't post here nearly as much as I used to. I feel badly about that. Most of my free time these days is spent working on my Flickr account, posting my photos. I just don't seem to find the time or maybe the will to come on here and spout my opinions, deeds, and musings. I wish I did; it's kind of like a diary. So much in your life just gets lost if you don't take the time to simply record it.

Some of you folks have been kind enough to drop by and wish me well, after my last, somewhat alarming posting. :) Thanks to all of you. My eyes were more or less back to normal within four or five days of that previous shot. If I never have snot coming out of my eyes again, I'll count it as a blessing... as should we all.

Social life's been pretty subdued lately. The usual suspects are either away, or were (like me), rather sick. A little over a week ago I was in Hamilton, visiting my parents for a belated birthday party for yours truly. I'm thirty-eight now. Ugh. While I was there, I took a few photos of the city, including some panoramas from the Mountain overlooking the downtown...

Hamilton, Ontario panorama

City of Hamilton in infrared
Photos of Hamilton's downtown taken from the park above the Jolley Cut — full colour with the Canon Rebel XT and infrared with the Canon G1 well as some shots of the Red Hill Valley Parkway, which is finally under construction. This ought to make life a lot easier for people on the Mountain, as well as bringing commercial traffic to and from the US with regard to the airport. My prediction is that a lot of light industry jobs and the attendant homes will spring up over the next ten years or so as a result...

The new route
The course of the Red Hill Valley Parkway as it comes down along Mud Street

Thursday the weather was warm enough at last for me to get out to the wilds again and enjoy a little hiking the way I like it. :)

HDR barefoot in the forest

HDR glade

And Friday morning showed some amazing skies, that I was quick to take advantage of...

HDR IR spring morning
High dynamic range infrared image of the skies over the Don Valley

This past weekend, I got together with P-Doug on Thursday night to go to a pub down on Eglinton, and then we went to see Joyeux Noel at Canada Square. It's one story of the unofficial Christmas truce of 1914, how it came about, the sorts of things that happened, and the aftermath. It's a phenomenal story, and it deserves a wide audience. Especially these days.

Sunday I went out with P-Doug and G to the hinterland west of Toronto. For once, I didn't buy anything or eat too much (I did eat a few things I shouldn't, but I managed to be moderate, so I don't feel too bad). I had the infrared G1 with me. All the shots I took were from the car, and since it was overcast, they were low light and relatively long exposures, so for most part, they're blurry. I got a handful of images I consider worthwhile, including this one of a crumbling farmhouse on Hwy 8...

IR Shattered dreams

The other shots I took that I liked were taken with the Nikon Coolpix 4300 I carry around in my fannypack now...

Cambridge has work to do
Click on the image to read the comments... some are a hoot

HDR Crossroads flowers
High dynamic range image of flowers outside the Crossroads Restaurant

...including this one from this morning...

HDR Fire engine
HDR image of a fire engine at Finch and the 404; dramatic skies...

The reason I got the 4300, used, on eBay was because it takes auto-bracketed exposures (when it's behaving properly...), which aid greatly in the creation of high dynamic range images, which I've grown quite big on. The last two shots are HDR images, each composed of three shots with an EV range of -1 to +1. Several of the above shots are HDR shots, as a matter of fact; even the infrared one of the clouds is actually composed of a three-shot -2 to +2 spread.

That's the general stuff. I'll try to get into something a little more specific later on. :)

Monday, April 10, 2006


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Red, white, and blue. Too bad I'm Canadian. :)

I was diagnosed with strep throat on Thursday and I've been on penicillin ever since. Bloodshot eyes all week, but it really kicked in last night. I don't know if this is a reaction to the drug or another aspect of the infection. I just hope it goes away.