Monday, September 05, 2005

I hear the train a-comin'...

I think it's gonna stick this time.

The Guardian is suggesting 10,000 people may, stress may, have died in Louisiana alone. Now that may be an exaggeration, but that's really beside the point. The fact that major British newspaper can even speculate about numbers of that magnatude is in and of itself an indictment of the gross incompetence and obliviousness of the current US administration.

I probably don't need to fill the page with links at this point. Even the mainstream media is now full of stories about budget cuts to FEMA, cuts to the budget the US Army Corps of Engineers requested summer last year for the levees, wasted money and manpower in Iraq, days passing before federal help got rolling. All of this, all of it, can be laid at George Bush's doorstep. Think about it. On 9/11, Al Qaeda killed three thousand Americans and change, as well several hundred foreigners also working in the WTC. This week, the United States government may have been, through its negligence and belligerence, directly culpable in the deaths of three or four times that many.

Let's be blunt. George Bush tied New Orleans to the railroad tracks, even though people kept telling him they knew a train was coming. He gambled it wouldn't roll by on his watch, and he lost. Richard Nixon resigned over a break-in and some subsequent ethics breaches, for God's sake. George Bush squandered thousands of American lives at home and has put a major American city out of action for perhaps the next two years. In truth, it may never completely recover. Nixon quit... what is Bush prepared to do?

America: this is your last chance. If you can't pull it together, stand up, and make these people accountable now, it's finished. Your grand republican experiment is over. It's now or never.

I think it's gonna stick this time.

Jesus, I hope so.

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