Friday, March 10, 2006

The Blitz calling the kettle Krieg

There's a new documentary making the rounds right now called Why We Fight, a take-off on the WWII movie of the same name by Frank Capra. I haven't seen it yet, but it purports to be about the events that have seen the fulfillment of Dwight Eisenhower's prophetic speech on the rise of the military-industrial complex. In the course of reading reviews for the picture, I came across this eyebrow-raising comment by Steve Rhodes of Internet Reviews:

In a post-9/11 world in which the next terrorist attack on our homeland could well be a nuclear bomb, WHY WE FIGHT is a dangerously naive propaganda piece whose logical arguments are quite dated. Neville Chamberlain's England learned the real price of appeasing mad men, but this movie never comes to grips with its own conclusions.

I think the most poignant thing about this comment is that clearly, Steve Rhodes and people like him are so blinded by red, white, and blue, that they're incapable of stepping outside of their own circumstances long enough to glimpse the reality that their own country has, in fact, become the madman who now must be appeased. The Sudetenland, Poland, Paris, Stalingrad... Kabul, Baghdad, ...Tehran? Maybe it's time we all stood up to this year's madman. I think that's what the movie's about. Maybe Steve should watch the movie again without his hands over his eyes, singing as loud as he can, and, in his own words, come to grips with his own conclusions.

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