Monday, July 30, 2007

Stroll on Sunday

P-Doug and I decided to stay close to town for our hike this weekend, and we resumed our trek along the Humber that we started in March. This leg took us from Eglinton past Dundas to Bloor. One of our favourite pubs is at Jane and Bloor, so this trek had an immediate reward at the end.

Generally speaking, I like to hike barefoot in the countryside. P-Doug recently half-jokingly challenged me to try it in town, so this time I did, and carried my sandals on the two hour trail between one end and the other. Pavement, clay, leaves, grass, gravel, sand... Well, this is what parkland is for.

We saw some really beautiful and interesting things over those three miles...

Music to my feet. Don't mind if I do. :)

Old Dundas Street. Several decades ago, this was Dundas Street. Behind me in this view would have been the bridge that crossed the Humber. A map I have from the 1950s suggests that this bridge, and the current one just to the north, coexisted, at least for a while.

Samuel de Champlain... whew, this guy got around. Two weeks ago I was up in Ottawa looking at the statue of him, and this weekend we come across this set of plaques by the Humber about him. Anyway, here he is, happily helping the Algonkins snuff the Iroquois to make a better Canada for us all.

The Old Mill bridge over the Humber. We were getting so close to beer...

Two hours and three miles leave their mark, proudly earned. :)

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