Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's funny because it's true...

A couple of weeks back, my friend P-Doug and his missus, G, took a few days and wandered upstate New York. A particular destination of his was a beer store reputed to carry something in the neighbourhood of a thousand different brands of beer. He was truly amazed by the selection of things when he got there, telling me later he was impressed with the selection, and then number of things unavailable in Ontario. In truth, I think we were both a bit humbled... a hearkening back to the days when so much was available there but not here; days we're used to thinking of as largely behind us.

Last night, they visited to make spaghetti and watch a movie. P-Doug brought over a beer he seemed especially eager to try and show me. It was called HoneyMoon Beer by the Blue Moon Brewing Company. We both thought it was pretty nice... would have been easy to down them all on a hot day, no question. As I finished mine, I looked over the colourful label and happened to notice the following...

Yup, that's right. Here's how it went: P-Doug spend two days in the US in order to bring back 24 beers without duty, six of which were HoneyMoon Beer. So last night, we drank beer he brought to Toronto, by way of a store in New York, by way of importation to Colorado, that had been brewed in... Toronto.

G and I spend a happy five minutes teasing him about what a wonderful patriot he was, and he claimed a moral victory for "repatriating" our beer from the Yankees. :)

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