Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Say g'day, Bobby Rae

Ugh, Rae's baled on us. We now have a choice between a neo-con who has lived in Canada in my lifetime but who thinks budgets are for attacking the opposition, not preserving jobs; a neo-con who hasn't lived in Canada for most of my lifetime but who does believe the government ought to spend money creating jobs -- like boosting production by bombing foreign countries and handing out brass knuckles and rubber hoses to paratroopers and printing up Canadian flags to fold up and hand to wives and mothers in lieu of husbands and sons; and a guy who probably would do something sane to save jobs but is unelectable in most of the country because the people whose lips move while they follow their finger across the page of the various Sun newspapers are convinced he'll put a statue of Uncle Joe Stalin on every street corner if he gets elected (oh, hey, he has a mustache, too!!). We've gone from such hope to such NOTHING in only a week or two.

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