Monday, February 23, 2009

Lost ears

Kind of a sad moment of passing. Last Friday, the cleaning crew at work ruined my Koss TD/65 headphones. Somehow, they managed to yank the wire to the left side nearly out, breaking the connection to the speaker inside. I guess it's no big deal, but as I recall, I paid about $90 for them when I bought them, and that was back in the mid-90s. I guess that's the real issue here. I've had them since I was in my 20s, and now they're done. I've brought them with me from job to job to job over the years; the left side had no more retainer and could fall right off the headset; the soft black material that covered the foam has been flaking off and sticking to the sides of my face for years now. But they always worked... till now. So, yesterday when I found that out, I went down to Factory Direct and picked up a couple of pairs of $17 headphones (home and away), and they seem alright. Still, these were good headphones, and I'm going to miss them and the parts of my life they represent.

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Jim Grey said...

I feel your pain.

I had a pair of Sennheiser HD40s, my beloved HD40s, which I bought to use during my DJ days and then, like you with your Kosses, carried from job to job for mundane in-office listening. I came to work one day to find that the cleaning crew had crushed one side of my HD40s to little plastic bits.

I pitched a major fuss, and the company who cleaned our office cut me a check, and I went out and bought my not-quite-as-beloved-but-still-pretty-beloved-anyway Sennheiser HD414s. But I leave those at home. At work, I use a pair of Philips SBC HS500s I got off Amazon for well under $20, because if those die, well, shrug, order another set off Amazon.