Thursday, March 26, 2009

Return of the Monk

Well over a year ago, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario took Old Monk rum off the shelves, apparently because they found glass particles in some of the bottles. I understand the logic in that, but you would think that the bottler would straighten that out in short order, and that the LCBO would be reviewing it and getting it back on sale as quickly as possible. As a government-mandated monopoly in a democratic province and country, I submit this is, in fact, their duty and responsibility (otherwise, let the people decide for themselves).

I would never have believed it would take this long to straighten this out. I finally decided to contact the LCBO about it and express my dissatisfaction and demand the product be reviewed. As it turns out, they must have finally gotten around to it, because they wrote back and said the first shipment is due at the end of April, and will be on the shelves of their outlets in early May.

I've missed Old Monk. It's one of the few alcoholic libations stronger than beer that I can enjoy neat. It has a smooth mellowness about it, and an agreeable mingling of essenses that, whatever they might actually be, remind me of vanilla, raisins, and subtle spices. I'm really looking forward to being able to enjoy it again.

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jim said...

You'd think that returning that rum to the shelf would be no big deal!