Sunday, April 19, 2009

We wish

We wish, originally uploaded by Lone Primate.

I hope it's obvious I've tinkered with the sign a little. I've had four nature hikes in the past year marred by ATV and motorbike shitheads (most recently, yesterday). Morons, if driving like an asshole on the 400-series highways isn't enough for you, if you simply HAVE to "experience nature" by making 120 dB of noise as you bounce around on it and rip it up with rubber, find a nice open space some farmer's not using and will let you tear up for a few bucks. But leave the trails to the hikers. Particularly since it's against the law not to.

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Peter said...

Ha ha!
I couldn't agree more. People's idea of enjoying the wilderness by ripping it up with their heavy vehicles shit me.