Monday, November 16, 2009

The whole 3D deal

Here are some of the shots I took in 3D on Sunday with the new W1 camera... just a handful of the many. I think you can see, in the lower two pairs, the difference in exposures right and left that I was talking about.

Below: looking down Eglinton into the Don Valley from just east of Brentcliffe...

...the SMART car dealership between Brentcliffe and Laird on the south side of Eglinton...


...and a house being rebuilt, on Broadway Avenue, if my memory serves me correctly. Geez, you'd think with geotagging, this would be easier. (Twenty bucks says the reason is they're adding a garage with an extension to the house above it, and need to expand the roof as a result.)


The native format for these shots is MPO (multi-picture object). I can't show you that. As a matter of fact, I don't yet have the ability to view them myself. What I do have is StereoPicture Maker, a wonderful freeware program I've been using for years to create stereo pairs like these using the cha-cha method (take a shot, move, take another shot). Unbelieveably, the same program can open MPO files and spit out JPG pairs like these so we can view them with the low-tech cross-your-eyes method.

Here's the camera itself. Actually, this is the one I took back and got replaced, but of course, the new one looks exactly the same.

The view screen is in 3D; you can actually look into the depth of the photos and movies. Obviously I can't demonstrate that here in two dimensions, but it is quite startling when you see it the first few times. Someday, it'll be routine; for now, it's a sort of magic.


jim said...

Good luck with your 3D adventures. I'll be stuck here in 2D -- an eye issue as a child left me without stereo vision. The world's flat to me!

Dreck said...

Real cool.