Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can't believe it/Je ne le peux pas y croire

So the Canadiens are going to the Stanley Cup finals. I can't believe it. Just a few weeks ago I watched the Washington Capitals beat them in a tough game I personally felt the Canadiens deserved to win. And then, the Habs went on to actually win the series! Now, if I'm not mistaken, they've come back from being down three games to one to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins... and they're going on to play for the Cup against either the Philadelphia Flyers or the Boston Bruins.

Personally, I hope it's the Bruins. I would love to see Montreal face off against another Original Six team. Now that there are, like, what? 46,271 teams in the NHL or something... doesn't Rio de Janeiro have a team yet?... how often do Original Six teams get to play each other for the Cup?

Naturally, I'm pulling for Montreal. It would be nice to see a Canadian team actually win the trophy our governor-general, Lord Stanley, presented the country with in 1893, at least a little more often than Halley's comet comes around. Forgive me, but I've always felt NHL teams in the southern US were an anathema (fortunately, they're all out of the running this year!). If you're living someplace where kids can't lace up their skates and chase a puck around a pond in the great outdoors, then you have no business having an NHL team. Period, full stop, the end. That's just how I feel. I'd much rather see Prague and Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Moscow in the NHL than Los Angeles, Phoenix, Florida, San Jose, Dallas, etc., etc. Washington gets snow... I can respect that. Phoenix doesn't. Get lost.

So if can't be the Leafs... and let's face it, boys, it can't... I'm pulling for the Canadiens. I think they've got a chance. As far as the Leafs go, I wouldn't be surprised to see them lose four hockey games straight to the Boston Bruins. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Leafs lose four hockey games straight to the Boston Red Sox.

An Original Six playoff series... that'd be nice to see. Even nicer: the Cup back home... at least for a little while. :) Here's to Montreal and a 25th championship!

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