Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Catcher in the Rye... again

I've had a copy of The Catcher in the Rye for about twenty years, and I have never yet managed to get all the way through it, despite two or three hopeful attempts. This is a classic, and I want to enjoy it, achieve it, appreciate it. I even already know what it's about; who doesn't?

Anyway, I've finished reading my current book, so I spotted it on the way out the door this morning and thought, what the hell. I started reading it at lunch; I'm about a dozen pages in and already it's faintly wearying. Holden Caulfield cannot finish a thought without going off on a tangent. It's funny when, say, Bill Cosby does it, but he does it because he has a point. Holden just comes across as distracted and I wanna say, "Yeah, but before the girl with the fake boobs, you were on a hill, remember...?" I hope this narrative style settles down; otherwise this promises to be a chore-filled 214 pages. But I'm determined to make it this time.

Wish me luck. :)


barefoot hiker said...

good luck. it's a great book. once you get used to his style, i think you'll enjoy it.

Peter said...

Look, I don't want to spoil your appreciation of this great novel, but you have to finish it to get to the punch line right at the end, where the reader discovers it was all just a bad dream.
Also, without giving too much away: the character of Lelu, who arrives three quarters of the way through, is actually a ninja femme-bot and a figment of Holden's beautiful mind as well as Kaiser Soze in an alternate reality. Fascinating.