Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today I became a republican

...I think.

It started out mostly just arguing some fine points of the Constitution (where it touches on the Monarchy) with guys on YouTube. When discussing those points this afternoon with P-Doug at The Haggis and Fossil, I came to the realization that the idea didn't distress me anymore... that there were a lot of reasons I agreed with for going ahead.

Pretty much all my life I've been a monarchist, and quite an avid supporter of the institution for much of my youth. My ideas have slowly changed in recent years, to the point where, at some point today, the scales began to tip the other way. And I think I'm ready to stand up and advocate a Canadian republic. It doesn't sound so strange to me anymore.

Anyway, I'll sleep on it, and tomorrow morning I'll collect my thoughts and impressions and try to give them some form here on City in the Trees.

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