Tuesday, August 06, 2013


It's three months today since Bonnie died. That was a Monday; this is Tuesday; but in terms of the numbers on the calendar, it's three months. So, three months ago, I was sitting here about this time making the phone call that would end her life within four hours. I find myself particularly missing her today.

Life goes on, so they say. Today I have to haul ass back out to the airport for a follow-up interview for a job I interviewed for a month ago, wrote off, but the embers are still faintly glowing and now I have to go in and soothe someone's nerves about my technical background. I was charged up about this job early in July but after all this time, I'm really having a hard time not seeing this as an annoyance; likely a pain in the ass that's not going to pan out anyway. I'll have to pay to take the 407. Pay to park. Waste the day in traffic and sitting around waiting for the interview this afternoon, then fight my way home. The job's a long way from here so even if I get it it means a rough commute and likely moving. Do I sound like I'm not really enthusiastic about this job anymore? But I can't afford to tell them to stuff it, so in I go, putting on my game face again.

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