Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Time passages

I sometimes think the only reason I remember the blog and feel guilty about neglecting it is Jim over at Down the Road. But then I remember that it was really supposed to be a sort of diary that happens to be online because some of the things I find interesting might be interesting to other people, and from time to time, I've been blessed to have some fascinating discussions with people, and even been contacted by relatives of photographers I admire.

So this is sort of a placeholder to remind myself to sit down in the next couple of days and pick out some photos and write them up. I have, still, been following up on projects that have consumed my free time on and off for years, and I owe it both to myself, and what few people pass by here on occasion, to make something out of the raw material. For the most part, it's the differences around Old Cummer bridge, the effective completion of work at Glasgow on Duffy's Lane, and the start and ongoing work reconnecting Bathurst Street to itself near Holland Marsh, severed in 1995. I don't think I followed up on old Bayview bridge last May, either... did I? I'll check. If not, I'll address that as well.

Glasgow, I think, should be a major entry. Not just an update, but a retrospective. P-Doug and I, and any number of my other friends, have been visiting the place since 2006, I think. A lot has changed there, especially in past three or four years as the bypass cut us off from easy access as a new road and bridge rolled out just yards away. I think the time is right to finally cap that project, and just see what minor changes they make moving forward, especially with regard to the trail that the old road is now likely to form a part of. Hopefully I'll have this up in a few days. :)

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Jim Grey said...

Oh my gosh, I want to be no source of stress or guilt!!