Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bang Zoom

This morning it's snowing out there. Big, slow flakes, the kind that fall when the temperature is just slightly below freezing. Heavy, dry, packing snow. The best kind for walking or driving in, it seems to me. It was just gorgeous. I took out that little video cam I bought and filmed it from time to time on the drive in. I know, I know, irresponsible. But how often do you see something so lovely when you have the means to capture it? The incidental loveliness of life that often escapes us. I had some music on by Simon and Garfunkel, too. It was just wonderful.

Well, till I got to the runway to Hwy 7 (that's how I've been thinking of it... the long run up to the exit). Some guy in the fast lane, furthest left, just suddenly turned 90 degrees, and zipped right across all five lanes, and hit the barrier about 100 yards ahead of me. Not near enough to really frighten me, more like shock. It must have been brown-trousers time for guys three or four cars ahead of me. As I passed him, he'd managed to straighten out, and was creeping sheepishly along the shoulder. His trunk was buckled open, and his car had a number of dents and wrinkles in the bodywork. But at least he was okay, and the car was obviously still operational. Man, he got off so lucky. So did the rest of us behind him, I suppose. I turned the camera on and filmed him as I passed. I'll have to review that and see if any of it came out.

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