Thursday, February 24, 2005

I'm not going to pay a lot for this muffler... but this monitor? Ehhhn...

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention my little adventure with the monitor earlier this month. Because of the weird way I paid for it, I wound up paying for it twice.

The monitor was $149.49 with tax. I didn't think I had $150 Canadian left on the gift card the company sent me, but I was pretty sure I could cover $140. So I paid $140 with the gift card, and asked to pay the other $9.49 with my debit card. That's how we did it. Or so I thought.

I don't know why, but a few days later, I just spontaneously decided to check my chequing account. It was like WAAAAY down. And I'm like, WTF? Then I see it. The monitor charge. $149.49. The full price of the monitor. Luckily I still had the gift card on me, so I check the printing on it, and see the website to check transactions. I find the $140 one (denominated in US dollars; $109 or something; I forget now). I print both statements, zoom home, find the receipt in the waste paper basket in my bedroom, and zip down to the store on Kennedy. It took me about five minutes to get it all straightened out, but thank God I did. They refunded the $140 difference to my chequing account, and I zoomed back to work. Took about an hour. Whew, what a lucky break I checked, then had all the proof, and then that they weren't assholes about it.

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