Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hi diddly dee, a bachelor's life for me

I just had the weirdest dream. I was married to the sister of a woman I vaguely know. The marriage had been rocky from the start and despite my best efforts, she'd left me nearly at once. I could not even remember what she looked like. How was I to reconcile if I couldn't even recognize her? I was out on the patio of a bar with her family, with whom I seemed to get along just fine. The woman, my sister-in-law, seemed sympathetic, but of course she had her relationship with her sister to consider. I suppose I ought to have married the sister.

I remember sitting there in the dream, nursing a beer, and suddenly realizing I was no longer "single". I was, in fact, "married", and about to be "divorced", which is like single except without the stigma of never having paired up in a serious way, which obviously is something nagging at me, even if I'm rarely consciously aware of it. Ah well, such is life, at least for me.

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