Friday, July 01, 2005

The obligatory artsy shot

Apropos of nothing, I thought I'd post this shot. It's one of the pictures I took while photographing that 10 acre property on the close stretch of Fifth Line a couple weekends ago. The cumpled up Hewlett-Packard box, with its high tech reference, slowly rotting in a field of green plants, just strikes me as poignant, and kind of lovely.

Ashes to ashes, etc.


katherine said...

And there's your foot again! ; ) I think you should start an occasional photo series entitled something like, "scenes with my foot". You can probably think of a better title, but seriously ... it'd be fun.

This is pretty far back in the blog and you may never see it ... so I may suggest the foot photo series in another comment.

Lone Primate said...

Found yah. :)

Alas, lest you should think the photos fetishistic... I suppose it's due some explanation. :)

I'm not anxious to appear recognizably in the blog (I don't even like to put my friends recognizably in the pictures). For the most part, it's because I want it to be less about the personality behind the writing as the experiences. I want them to be as transferable as possible. But at the same time, I want there to be a tangible human tie. Looking down at myself anonymously, in touch with the very surroundings in this fashion, seems like a way if injecting both myself and my reader in a visceral, primal state into the experience I'm attempting, through the means of the mute Latin alphabet and two-dimensional images alone, to instill in the people who, like yourself, have invested a portion of their lives to visit with me in proxy that I might impart something to them. Okay... my feet stand for us all. :) This is the human element in the story, naked and unashamed. :) At least till winter comes.