Friday, August 26, 2005

My trip to a real hole

A week ago, a big, powerful storm blew through the GTA. One of its little effects was to tear a hole right across Finch Avenue in the west end of North York, between Jane and Keele Streets.

I've seen some photos of this, but I thought I'd go out there and see for myself. I set out about 1 in the afternoon. Funny how a ten-yard gap can complicate things... took me most of 20 minutes just to get to the far side to photograph it from the west as well. Here are a few shots to show you what it looks like a week later (projections are it'll be winter before the road is contiguous again)...

Finch Avenue west of Keele Street, looking west

Looking west towards the gap

From the north, looking south along a footpath also bisected by the flood

From the north, looking south at the gap in Finch Avenue

East of Jane Street, looking east back towards Keele Street

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