Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What's that smell?

You mean it isn't familiar yet?

There's a new spin in town south of the border, and its name is bullshit. Check it out.

Seems that in 1998, when Clinton bombed Osama's camps, the Republicans charged that he was doing it to distract Americans from the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Now, in 2006, when real questions are being raised about how 9/11 happened and with Americans getting more and more tired of Afghanistan and Iraq, these same Republicans are — get this, this is really, really good — telling us that Clinton used the Monica Lewinsky scandal to distract the American people from the issue of Osama (remember, he was by then wanted for the attack on the USS Cole).

Isn't that incredible? Bill Clinton got an intern to blow him, made sure the prudes in the Republican Party got wind of it and then saw to it they began years of pointless, expensive, idiotic impeachment proceedings, all so that the country wouldn't notice he hadn't caught a terrorist (does it bear mentioning here that George Bush hasn't caught him either, after five years of trying?).

What a fucking genius Bill Clinton must be! I stand in awe of a man who can deftly orchestrate what the Republican are suggesting here! Dance, puppets, dance! What fools Americans are for not recognizing this and appointing President-for-Life this man who apparently can think into the fourth dimension, whose planning and perception are evidently on the next order of magnitude relative to the rest of us. Because clearly, anyone that stratospherically intelligent would never have waved off a report about how this same Osama was planning to attack and instead pissed the day away hunting armadillos on his ranch with Barney.

The word for the day, folks, is hogwash.


Anonymous said...

As an American citizen, I can only say damn, I miss Bill. There'd be a line around the block to give him BJ's if he could move back into the White House. Stupid term limits--yet another brilliant Republican plan.

Marcy said...

Hey, term limits are a good thing. If we didn't have term limits, we'd get stuck with ol' Dubya until our country was run into the ground (or totally bombed off the planet by terrorists).