Thursday, May 08, 2008

The grace of God

Thirty years or so since it was first on the air, do you know what I love (second) best about WKRP in Cincinnati?

That it says it's okay, even cool, to be 40 years old. (Thank you, Johnny Fever!)

Do you know what I love best about it?

Evenings when I was 10, and my Mom was off taking a business course in downtown Halifax, and my Dad and I would make chili and watch the show and laugh together. There's no dollar, no euro, no pound, no gold worth that to me. WKRP, laughter, and chili with my Dad was a defining moment of my childhood.

This show is family, even now.


L-girl said...

That's a nice memory. I also remember watching certain shows with my mom - they were "our" shows that we always watched together. It's nice.

Steve said...

When Andy walked in and put up the KISS poster, I was hooked. Loved that show...and while I did have a Loni Anderson poster in my room, I always dug is sexy. Then Markie Post came along.: - )