Monday, May 19, 2008

A salute to Westminster

The Mother of Parliaments has surprised me by ending a ban on human-animal embryonic research that could study pathology and potentially ease the suffering of millions. From BBC News:

A cross-party attempt to ban hybrid human animal embryos was defeated on a free vote, by 336 to 176.

Catholic cabinet ministers Ruth Kelly, Des Browne and Paul Murphy voted for a ban. PM Gordon Brown and Tory leader David Cameron both opposed it.

A bid to ban "saviour siblings" was voted down by 342 votes to 163.

I'd like to salute Westminster for being able to look into the future and place controls on experimentation and study rather than banning it outright. I had expected less of them, and I admit they surprised me. Good for Britain, and good for Europe in the long run. If this life-saving work isn't done there, it surely will be done elsewhere.

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