Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weird dream follies

This one's a three-parter, what I remember of it.

Part one: I was driving down to the southern US to visit my folks, who were apparently on vacation there. Following the directions down a lovely back road, I ended up on a dirt trail across a hilly field with tall radar towers disguised, at the top, as palm trees. I figured, whoops, must be on an army base. I guess I turned back.

Part two: With my folks, and some of their friends, at a small restaurant. At some point, I decided I needed a drink, and just stood up and went to the liquor store next door. But as I stood there, I decided I didn't need it and changed my mind.

Part three: This is the interesting one. Cut to the sunlit lobby of a fancy hotel somewhere. Feels like I'm in a movie. I'm part of a band, trying to make a decision with our manager, who is Tom Hanks. The manager has decided our band needs a second bass player, though I'm doubtful, and manager Tom is telling me that a second bass player will liberate the guitars and free them up artistically (whatever that means). So we're rehearsing guys, and some scraggly 20-something in a Lollapalooza-style t-shirt covered with band names (including the one he's currently in) is there trying out for the gig, and manager Tom tells me we should give this guy a break, because (pointing at the guy's shirt), he says, "Who in their right mind would fuck a band called 'GET CHUCK'?" And at that point, I swear to you, I woke up laughing, and I had to scribble that line down on the pad in my night table in the dark. I kid you not.

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