Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One more time

Typically around Thanksgiving (October here in Canada) I take the last barefoot hike the weather comfortably permits me. This time it was yesterday, the day after Thanksgiving. Already the ground's pretty cool, but it was still pleasant to feel the fallen leaves underfoot, and the moist soil still soft and pliable. I went to one of the closed, abandoned stretches of 7th Concession West in York Region, a place I've been before.

Lately I've also been rediscovering my Canon Rebel XT, a DSLR camera I've had for over four years now, but haven't made much use of since I got my first S80. But in the past month or so I've had it out doing my weekend hikes, and I've been really pleasantly surprised with my results, especially since I've been shooting RAW and taking my time converting the files to JPGs. Some of the results I got yesterday I find extremely satisfying... I almost think I know how film developers of yesteryear felt, huddling in their dark rooms, teasing results out of the chemicals.

Here's some of what I saw.



On my way back, I drove part of the way south on Weston Road (before heading back down on the 400). On my way up Weston I'd seen this striking tree near a hilltop, and I knew that I had to stop and get some shots of it on my way back.

...That's all till next spring, I guess. :)

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