Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kudos to Ford

I read this morning that Ford is about to start selling the hybrid version of one of its cars at the same price as the gasoline version. Mind you, it's $35K luxury car, a particular model of the Lincoln, but still. This could be a trend-setter. If Ford starts doing this with more modestly-priced cars, the eco-crowd is going to flock to their banner, and that can only influence the other car manufacturers. So kudos to you, Ford, for being the first (as well as for keeping your hand out of the stimulus jar).

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Peter said...

I heard the batteries of hybrid cars are ecological times bombs. Was probably from some right wing, global warming denying think tank, though.
And I definitely approve of renewable energy sources and attempting to avoid peak oil.
I just hate Ford of all the car companies in particular because of Henry.
Having said that, in Australia, the Ford Fiesta "Econetic" uses diesel but is super fuel efficient (more than the local hybrid car, for example) and also involves comparatively low carbon emissions at a more affordable cost to the punter than a hybrid.
Or am I just believing the hype?