Saturday, September 29, 2012

Marking time

Sitting here it occurred to me to check where I was with regard to Twinkle at this time last year. A year ago right now, I was aware she wasn't feeling well, but I was still a few days away from being aware of the extent of it. I'll never know how long she'd actually been sick at that point. What I can say is that most of a decade of fairly uninterrupted happiness with my various cats had drawn to a close.

Anyway. I just mention that as a milestone. My real intention this afternoon had to be nicely update you on the progress on the 16th Avenue bridge. I was out with Michelle this afternoon... she's lost over 40 pounds so far and she looks terrific... genuinely younger. She'd also just gotten her hair done. She was a real prize. We got caught up at The Khan in Don Mills, and from there, I headed out to photograph the bridge. Half an hour's drive later, I arrive there to see a half dozen workers still busy on what appears to be a finished span. There was no point in getting out of the car; I wasn't just free to wander around. I got a couple of shots from the window. I'm considering going back out tomorrow to see if I can do any better. In the meantime, well, here's what I was able to snag.


Bridgewater said...

Max had lived long and well with you, and you were able to give him a good death, so you seem to be at peace with that, but it sounds as though you've beaten yourself up over Twinkle because, conscientious and compassionate soul that you are, you have felt that somehow you should have tumbled right away to the seriousness of her trouble. That vet bill ought to provide absolution for any sin, imaginary though it be. Unlike with Max, there was "nothing, nothing, nothing" you could have done for her at the end, but while that knowledge should salve your conscience, it can't alleviate the shock, pity, and sadness at having witnessed her difficult death.

barefoot hiker said...

If you ever get a blog going, I sure hope you'll let me know. :)

Bridgewater said...

Roger wilco.