Monday, June 24, 2013

A love only a mother could face

Via Flickr:
This is Ally. She's not exactly cuddly. She can be sweet, but only on her own terms. I like her fiestiness; it makes her an interesting character. But she makes my arms ache to hug Bonnie again. And I never will.

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Bridgewater said...

Personality and early socialization undoubtedly play a role, but there's also the fact that Ally has never had you all to herself and surely understood her rank in relation to Bonnie and Max--third best. She might respond more affectionately if she were the only cat, or at least felt she was top cat. Of course there's Seth, and it's more difficult to lavish individual attention on multiple cats, but maybe his sense of security wouldn't be threatened unduly if she were groomed (so to speak) for the role. Research has shown that cats reward their waitstaff when you do them a personal favor, such as brushing or playing. Making your lap more attractive might help--a woolly throw or a folded towel being more comfy to lounge on than a coupla scrawny thighs, or a coupla plumper thighs with a space between. Another factor is age; cats often become more affectionate as they get older.

You've mentioned getting a kitten, which of course would get the lion's share (pun intended) of attention, at least at first, and which would once again put Ally in second or third place. You seem to be a person who needs a lot of love and with a lot of love to give, and you apparently are a patient guy as well--a good combination for working with this cat. Your patience will eventually be rewarded with the feline version of the Order of the Garter: the slow blink.

PS: Ally is a beautiful cat! But, um...wonder what Chase Lovely will have to say about those tubes...