Monday, June 24, 2013

New dreams

A couple of interesting dreams this weekend I think I can comment on, just for myself.

Saturday I nearly bought a little squirt gun to dissuade Ally and Seth from picking at the carpet, when there are perfectly good scratching posts around (changed my mind; too much about having fun at their expense rather than a real solution). This seemed to come out in a dream. For a moment, at the start of the dream, I thought it was Bonnie, but it was Twinkle. She was creeping around, trying to entice me to chase her around with the squirt gun. I know this was something she absolutely would not have done in real life. :)

This morning I had a strange one I really can't account for at all in which the Borg (of Star Trek fame) arrived on Earth in the 1960s and turned Andy and Oppie from The Andy Griffith Show into Borgs. Not all at once; it was happening slowly, with just little bits here and there like Seven of Nine had through most of the series ST:Voyager. But I remember them stoically packing up to leave to join the collective, with Aunt Bea tearfully making them sack lunches for the trip, and other Mayberry folks coming around sadly to wish them a safe journey. It was more like they'd been drafted than infected with something that was going to turn them into zombies. Anyway, weird... but kind of interesting.

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Chase Lovely said...

To dream of the Borg from Star Trek represents a dangerous conformist presence in your life. An aggressive desire for conformity that you feel never stops once it's given power. Feeling that you risk losing your independence forever to a pointless system or group. You may feel that someone or something wants total conformity with no consideration for other possibilities ever again. Your fear of assimilating into situations that destroy your individuality if you acknowledge them. Feeling that someone else's choices are both controlling and unbearable.

You or someone else that wants to stamp out all diversity while spreading conformist ideas or values. It may also reflect a very aggressive and ambitious desire to for total conformity.

Example: A man dreamed fighting the Borg. In waking life he had avoided paying incomes taxes his whole life and finally faced the prospect of having to pay them. The Borg reflected his feelings about the government and paying taxes being an unbearable lifetime imposition on his independence that had to be resisted at all costs.

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