Monday, March 31, 2014

Finally :)

I've written elsewhere here, I think, the fact that I've never named a cat or a dog... not and had it stick. Someone else has always named them. The five cats I've adopted since moving to North York were all named by other people. I don't believe in changing a pet's name, especially if they've had it a while.

I do volunteer driving for Toronto Cat Rescue. Last week I had to pick up an unnamed cat from the city's north shelter and take him to a mid-town vet, one of the ones that does charity work for Toronto Animal Services and Toronto Cat Rescue. As I was driving away with him on Sheppard Avenue, talking to him to keep him calm, I was behind a van with a licence plate that started with "ARWN". Inspired, I stuck a timely "Y" in the middle, scribbled "ARWYN" down on his papers, and started saying it to him as we drove across town.

Just a few minutes ago, I got this email from TCR.

Hi all:

Can anyone pick up a cat named Arwyn at Rosedale Moore Park Vet clinic at Mt Pleasant/St Clair and take him to a foster home at St Clair W & Bathurst? 

The foster is available all day tomorrow and the clinic hours are 9am - 6:30pm.
A carrier is needed and medical records need to go with him.

Arwyn was rescued from TAS and would love to get settled into a home environment!
Isn't that awesome? :)


Jim Grey said...

Now to make a name stick with a pet that lives with you!

barefoot hiker said...

You bet. I was thinking if the new job works out I might see if Arwyn's still available and adopt him. :)