Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Ballad of Danny and Esmerelda

When I started goofing around with State, I started by coming up with gags based on the animal aspects of the Choo Choos characters just to have something to work with. One of the first ones played off the fact that a couple of the characters were naked. I explained it by having the female character... I forget what they called her; I eventually called her Esmerelda... wandering around that way because she was in heat, and the guy, who they called Eddie but I called Danny in my vids, not being willing or able to exercise his better judgement and not take advantage of the situation. That impression that Esmerelda's not in control and is being taken advantage of is belied by the presence of mind she shows in the last line. :)

This one actually started a whole thread of videos that kind of move through their getting to know each other, actually discover they like each other quite a bit, and then discover that the idea of them getting married isn't quite as pleasing to Esmerelda's dad, who turns out to be Danny's boss. But that all comes later. For now...

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