Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hot tramp, I love you so...?

I had a dream last night about David Bowie, believe it or not. He was visiting the city and giving little concerts. This particular one was in some little concert hall, or convocation hall... you know the type. Wooden seats, wooden stage, wooden actors. That kind of thing. I was there with some girl I don't consciously recognize but apparently knew in the dream. She was young, heavyset, and ethnically Asian, as I recall. Kind of bubbly. I liked her. Anyway, the David Bowie who was there was the younger, androgynous Bowie. He was on stage alone, no band, and there were only about 30 people in the audience, but he was still playing up a storm and going down like gangbusters with the crowd. Joking with us, making wry observations, and singing his ass off. At the end of it all, this girl and I hung around talking with him, and he was really friendly. I ended up helping him put his equipment back in his van. Nice dream. Worth the price of admission, I'd say. :)

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