Sunday, October 23, 2005

They done broke my blog

Well, I guess I have no real right to complain, this being free and all, but what can I say... nearly two weeks pass without me posting a word, but the minute I come back with something to share, bang, some sort of weird exception in BlogBot that won't accept anymore pictures. Anybody else get this?

Error: For anti-spam verification purposes, please login to and create a post on your blog. You will need to solve a CAPTCHA.

So, I've done just that; logged on here a couple of times, trying to get past this... whatever it is... but no good. The pictures I've managed to upload of the leaves and license plates look to be about it. Anybody know what to do about this?


katherine said...

I read somewhere in here at some point about there being a limit to the amount of space we're allowed where photos are concerned. I'll look for it and let you know what I find out.

katherine said...

From the blogger help section:

What are the limits on the size or number of pictures uploaded?

When you upload an image, it is resampled and resized according to the size you choose in the upload form. This lets it take up less space on the server. You can fill up to 300 MB of server space with images.

I guess you've finally hit the limit.

Lone Primate said...

You know, I've figured it out. You have to post everything to the same title name. Then it seems to work. After that, you just assemble them all into one posting, as usual.