Sunday, January 22, 2006

How it went...

I've got some well-wishes in reply to my post of the 13th about the new job, and telonjedi very kindly inquired as to how it went. Given the opportunity to gab about myself, hey... what man could resist. :)

First of all, there are two reasons I haven't been around much in the blogosphere lately... mine or anyone else's. The first is my Flickr account. I've been spending a lot of time combing through nine years of up-until-now pointless digital photos I've taken, trying to find ones worth putting up, writing about, and putting into sets. It's been such work, if I were getting paid for it, it would be moonlighting!

Which brings me to my other reason, of course: the new job. A lot of the posting I've done till now was done at my old job, during downtime when I was bored. So far, there hasn't been much of that in the new job. It looks like it's going to be busier, but that's a good thing... except it means I won't be quite as effusive as I was.

It was a good first week. I'm working with peers again, which is something I haven't had for about five years. They seem like a good bunch, and the company atmosphere is less formal and uptight than what I'm coming from. My boss wears jeans, for instance. There's a lot of work there, the possibility of promotion over time, and best of all, it's exactly the same ride to work. I even had some of the old posse meet the new posse at a restaurant on Friday — that went really well. There was even talk of an all-building soccer team, though I don't know if that'll go anywhere. But it would be neat if it did.

Anyway, I'll sign off now with a few gratitous photos from my Flickr account. Y'all come back now, y'hear? :)


Sesame Street sign, close-up

Metro Toronto crest

A look along the bridge southward


katherine said...

So, you're subliminally saying we should stop shopping at Wal-Mart? ; ) Leave it to me to point out the obvious. LOL.

Lone Primate said...

Here we see the fundamental and possibly fatal flaw in human nature. We can see the looming doom in the distance Wal-mart represents... but we can't stop -- just today, just one more time -- sneaking through those doors to indulge in paying for what three would cost you elsewhere and getting five.

Maybe it's time we turned it all over to the raccoons... maybe they'll do better. :)

teflonjedi said...

Hmmn, for some reason I did grow up thinking for a while that Sesame Street was in TO. (No joke) Is there a story behind that sign?

Lone Primate said...

My mother used to wonder who these people were I would talk about at the end of the day -- Gordon and Bob and Susan and some guy named Oscar who lived in a garbage can. She finally got the scoop from the woman who looked after me during the day. I can only imagine what was going through her mind. :)

That part of North York was built in the mid-1960s. I was under the impression Sesame Street started on TV at the end of the 60s (according to Wikipedia, the very end: November, 1969). So, sad to say, it's unlikely that it was a result of anyone being deliberately cute. Sesame Street in Toronto was probably named such a few years before the show hit the air, and it would have been the early 70s before it was a household name in Canada, as evidenced by my mother's reaction several years later. Just a coincidence, but a funny one.