Sunday, January 01, 2006

Picture this

Happy New Year to all you primates (et al.?) out there. :)

I finally got serious about my Flickr account last night, with just hours to go in the month and the year (I wanted to take advantage of my 20MB monthly upload limit so as not to handicap efforts in January). I have a few sets up so far, but I see I'm limited to three... so I guess to make of it what I'd like, I'll have to pony up. Well, it's only $24.95 US a year. Nickels and dimes.

But, the point is, now I have a place to share my photos with you! Not just a few here and there, but whole sets. I don't know if any of you will avail yourselves, but I hope you will. I love amateur photography, and feel deeply fortunate to live in such an age... even ten years ago, this was essentially impossible. Now it's just a lark for Saturday afternoons, both shooting and posting.

Hope you'll have a look. The link is here, and you will also find it permanently in my links list on the left side of this page. Or try this link to see a really neat slideshow of recently-posted images.

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