Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy (belated) Victoria Day!

Monday was Victoria Day, and as such, a statutory holiday. I waited all day to test the capacities of the S80 with the fireworks display down at Ontario Place on Lake Ontario. These eight shots represent the ones I most prized. Aside from the rather unsurprising fact that a tripod was required to get shots this steady, I have to admit I'm pleased indeed with the results. Come Canada Day, I'll have to try this with the Rebel XT.

Perhaps I'm being ungratious here, but I feel compelled to remark that the fireworks display this year at Ontario Place was tremendously short, running somewhere between ten and fifteen minutes. Given the effort required for people to get to and congregate at the lakeshore, I personally feel that something on the order of at least half an hour was called for. The display itself was beautiful (as I hope you can see), but vexingly brief. Bluntly: it took us nearly as long to get back to the car as we spent shooting the scene.

Victoria Day 1

Victoria Day 2

Victoria Day 3

Victoria Day 4

Victoria Day 5

Victoria Day 6

Victoria Day 7

Victoria Day 8

What follows are a couple of infrared, high dynamic range images taken with my Canon G1. They were made from 3-shot auto bracketing spreads, and in the case of the second, four of such. These were taken earlier on Victoria Day, around noon or not long after, at the Brickworks in the Don Valley.

HDR IR Sea of Dreams

HDR IR Brickworks valley


katherine said...

Good job with the fireworks photos, they can be a rough subject to capture. The IR photos look amazing, especially the bottom one. Yep, I'm quickly becoming envious of that G1.

Lone Primate said...

I've seen two or three other people get cameras converted since then... one fellow actually got a D10 DSLR converted (colour me jealous), and he's started doing HDR IR stuff like me. But that G1 is a pretty slick number all the same; my shots even convinced a guy in Germany to grab the same model off eBay and send it to Melbourne. :) Love it!