Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Very scary customer

At lunch time today I wandered down to Apple Creek again and sat with my feet in the water... it's warmed up noticably since just last Thursday when last I sat there. Today was a scorcher; with the humidex, it hit 42 Celsius (108 Fahrenheit). Spending a little bit of time wading in the stream was a delight today. Anyway, as I sat there, the branches overhanging me presented me with a fantastic opportunity for macro photography. Check this out:

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner


Polt said...

Thanks for the conversion from Celsius, your non-Metric American readers appreciate it. :)

Lone Primate said...

Actually, as I was remarking to Paul the other day, in spite of the fact I was educated from start to finish in Metric, Celsius temps only "work" for me when it's cold. Zero is freezing? That makes sense to me. But 20... is that really warm, or do I need a jacket, or what? But I know 60 in Fahrenheit is about when I can go bare-armed, 70's pleasant, 80's hot. So I fall back to what Bob and Doug told me years ago on The Great White North album: "double it and add 30". 20, 20, 30, that's 70. Okay, jacket stays home. :D

katherine said...

Whoa! Nice photo, subject seems a bit intimidating though.