Monday, May 15, 2006

A little photography on the weekend

On Friday, I bought a Canon Powershot S80... several reasons... it's nearly the P&S equivalent of my Rebel XT (except it literally fits in my pocket), it does AEB spreads, it's 8-megapixal with good macro and unusually wide angle facilities, and I was told it's being discontinued. It's hard to find in Toronto; seems to sell out the minute it hits a store. All good indicators.

And I think it is a heck of a good camera. I've had a lot of fun with it already.

This past weekend the Don Valley Parkway was closed for maintenance. I suggested to P-Doug this was a once-in-dog's-age opportunity to shoot the empty highway, so down we went.

HDR The empty DVP
High dynamic range image (created from a three-photo auto-exposure bracketing spread) of the DVP, looking southward in the southbound lanes south of Lawrence Avenue. This was taken using the S80.

HDR IR Neutron bomb eases traffic
High dynamic range, infrared image taken from Lawrence Avenue, looking south (somewhere in this shot is the spot I was standing in the one above). This was taken using my infrared-converted Canon G1.

HDR IR DVP hillside
Climbing up to the onramp/offramp at Lawrence (this shot was taken just before the one above). Again, this is an HDR IR shot taken with my Canon G1.

Little teeny wasp
A crop of a macro shot of a tiny wasp, taken with the S80. The little white dots are salt crystals. This wasp was perhaps 1/16" long, and the lens was about an inch from it when I took the shot.

Dandelion world
Another macro shot with the S80.

'Puppy' by Jeff Koons
On Saturday, P-Doug and I took in an art gallery down on King Street. This piece is called "Puppy", and it's by Jeff Koons.


Masnick96 said...

great pictures...I love the first two.

Lone Primate said...

Heh... thanks... everyone seems to like the "first two". The infrared one is particularly getting traffic on my Flickr account, and it's been favourited by 14 people so far... by that measure, my second most popular image. The other is, perhaps not all that surprisingly, another overhead infrared shot of a roadway (in that case, Finch Avenue approaching Leslie Street).

katherine said...

I wonder why the first is so popular? It's good, but I think some of the others are more interesting. The puppy shot from the musuem actually really caught my eye. It's so orderly and shiny. It conveys an almost creepy feeling. lol. Anyway, good work!

Rain said...

You took some great shots.