Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mumble mumble lyrics mumble sinnnnnnngggg...

I don't understand why some bands are such assholes about their lyrics being available online, I really don't. Why is that an issue when, say, photographs of the album cover art isn't? That's publishing too. All having access to the lyrics does is augment the experience of listening to the song and really enjoying it.

The lyrics are often at the heart of a song. But modern orchestration being what it is, it's all too common for words and even whole passages to be lost in the murk of the music. I go online for clarification, but I find out that dink band #1 and greedyfuckhead band #2 and selfishtwat band #3 don't want lowly fans telling other lowly fans what they heard on the CD they just blew $22 on where they didn't deign to print the lyrics (and that is exactly the case with me today, in fact).

Stuff like this makes it a little hard for me to sympathize when someone downloads for free something the band wouldn't help you understand even if you paid them.

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