Monday, October 01, 2007

You and me against the world

I happened to visit a local mall on Saturday and felt the need to avail myself of the facilities. When I went in there, I noticed something strange. There were six urinals, but only two privacy dividers.

Very strange. Typically, urinal privacy dividers are an all-or-nothing prospect. Either you're shielded, or you're not. I don't mean to scandalize the ladies here, but generally, public washrooms spare the expense of privacy. You're just expected to keep your eyes to yourself.

So I was puzzled by this set-up. It effectively took the six urinals and divided them into three sets of open pairs (no poker pun intended here). What's the message here? It's fine for just two guys to have no secrets from each other, but God forbid you should be bothered by some guy wanting a threesome? This is a little like putting brakes on every second car.

1 comment:

Polt said...

Maybe it provides privacy from strangers but allows a father to keep an eye on his young son?

I don't know, even if that's the case, it's still pretty weird.