Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The party's over

I was worried when the Tories got in they'd start rolling the universe back to 1950. So far they've been pretty careful about it, but it looks like they're throwing caution to the wind now. Federal Health Minister Tony Clement has announced "the party's over." By this he means he's going to crack down on drug use. For years, decades, in fact, this country has had study after study urging the legalization and regulation of recreational substances, in much the same way we did with alcohol after its prohibition proved such a disaster. For generations now, the attitudes of average Canadians have been well in advance of the policies of their governments. Let's be blunt about it: whenever governments legislate against basic human nature, criminals get rich, and people die, needlessly. Tony Clement is a man after Al Capone's heart. What he's proposing is in the interests of almost no one in Canada, but is in the interests of every drug lord on Earth. His policy creates, sustains, and amplifies over time an environment certain to increase their profits and the likelihood and occasion for gang violence and murder, all the while needlessly taxing our system, impoverishing our nation, and ruining the lives of otherwise productive people by prosecuting something that we're otherwise entirely okay with, so long as it's done using a bottle from the LCBO. It is, in fact, a jaw-droppingly stupid, stubborn, and statist policy, and has been since before I was born.

The party's over?

The party's fired, Tony. First chance the people get.

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