Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another weird one

Odd one this morning, but not too disturbing. Kind of interesting, actually. I was in a large motel somewhere in the States, loose t-shirt and shorts and barefoot. I don't know what I was there for, but it was like one of those conventions I used to go to years ago.

Anyway, I wandered the town a little, and I came to this street opposite a huge lake, the other side of which was so far it couldn't be seen. All the houses on it, built after WWII, were condemned. They were being torn down to build hotels or condo towers or something. I was intrigued, and I went to explore one; a robin's egg blue one that was partly collapsed by the construction work, I guess. It was number 68. As I stood in the porch, it suddenly collapsed like a trap door. I fell into a pit about four and a half feet deep, but wasn't really hurt. It wasn't too hard to climb out, but I realized a had a bit of a gash on my right foot, and I was a little concerned it might become infected.

That's about it. Again, nothing profound, but if I write it down, I'm more apt to remember it. :)

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