Monday, January 14, 2008

Creatures of night, brought to light!

3D pairs of images taken at the Royal Ontario Museum last Friday night.

It's the first time I've been able to see the dinosaurs. What amazed me wasn't so much that anyone could even imagine such creatures — that they were in fact real — or even that someone could place these skeletons here for us to see... no...

What amazes me, utterly amazes me, is the realization that every one of these skeletons was once a real, live animal; an individual being that breathed our air, walked around, saw the sun and felt the rain, ran and chased and fled, for years and years. And eons upon eons later, here they stand, reborn in a fashion, given a place of honour by a race of animals whose ancestors at the time were humble ratlike things hiding in their shadows.

It's all too remarkable for simple words to really convey.

3D Dinosaur 01

3D Dinosaur 02

3D Dinosaur 03

3D Dinosaur 04

3D Dinosaur 05

3D Dinosaur 06

3D Dinosaur 07

3D Dinosaur 08

3D Dinosaur 09

3D Dinosaur 10

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