Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Weapon of choice

Weapon of choice

The Canon PowerShot G9... I've wanted this one since before it existed. I balked at the G7 because Canon was on a bent of removing RAW from anything below their DSLR range, and I already had the PowerShot S80, which had had RAW removed from it, though the S70 and S60 and likely others prior had featured it.

When Canon announced the G9 late last summer, I took notice. I saved up and started looking around for a deal, and I actually bought this one, used, yesterday from a professional photographer in Ottawa-Gatineau for about 75% what it would have cost me retail. It arrived today a little after noon hour.

Compared to the S80, it's larger and the controls can't be managed with just your right thumb. But it features the DIGIC III processor, a step up from the S80's, including face recognition and image stabilization. I've already noticed it's somewhat better in low light conditions than the S80. Added to that the images it captures are 50% larger, so there's more detail to work with. It also takes 58mm filters with the adapter I also got from the photographer, and I have several of those due to owning the 18-55mm lens that comes with the Rebel XT. So I'm looking forward to putting this one through its paces in the coming year or so. Hoping to use it at the Royal Ontario Museum this coming Friday night. Stay posted.

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