Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sell Canada Post

Okay, I'm now prepared to make it official. Canada Post is the shits.

I ordered a book from a used bookstore in Winnipeg that the shop swears they invoiced and mailed on the 15th. They charged me a good six bucks to mail it, too. A three-ounce paperback. Well, it is now the 26th, with no hint of the book in sight.

On the 8th, I ordered a camera part from Austria. It arrived on the 14th, less than a week later. That's across the ocean from a foreign country on another continent, through customs, to me. Six days. Meanwhile, left to their own devices, Canada Post alone can't manage to match that between two major cities in adjacent provinces in adjacent time zones. For six bucks, that thing should have been in my hands no later than the 19th. Shit, I could have flown to Winnipeg, picked it up, and fucking walked it back to Toronto by now. And these people have got the gall to charge us fifty cents-plus just to lick their cheapest stamp? This is utterly ridiculous.

My support for public ownership ends where the bullshit reaches eye-level. Enough is enough. Sell Canada Post.

Update: March 3, 2008

The book in question arrived in the afternoon last Friday. That means that it took two full weeks to get a magazine with nearly $3 in postage on it from Winnipeg to Toronto. I'll be they could have beaten that in 1885 when the CPR opened. I think that's completely unacceptable service.

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