Monday, December 22, 2014

A revamp may be in order...

I guess I've taken a momentary renewed interest in the blog. I remember years ago I used to have a list of blog links as long as your arm. Some time ago, that got shortened to about a half dozen or so. Just out of curiosity, I tried them. Most still work; one is a page to redirect you; and two 404 because they've gone by the boards. Specifically, they're The Roads Scholar and Dave Till's Toronto Photos... a real shame in both cases. The Roads Scholar, as I recall, was a retired gentleman who wrote extensively about old roads here in Ontario. Dave Till is a writer here in the city who wrote some excellent articles about the neighbourhoods around here back ten years ago or so, and while I think he's still out there blogging, the moorings of what he was posting and maintaining seemed to start to shift a while ago and I'm afraid I'm pointing now at something that's no longer there. A pity; his stuff was wonderful and personally inspiring. I can honestly say that his Toronto neighbourhoods pieces were a big reason I started going out and taking shots like that myself.

So, anyway, I suppose I should rejig my links section. I don't blog as much as I did years ago, or read as many, or comment on as many... actually, I think YouTube largely subsumed that role, now that I come to wonder why. Same with Flickr; I used to be all over that. Now a year can go by and I haven't thrown anything up there. I should probably have another burst of both. :)

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