Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thinking before red

Last week when I was looking over some of the old infrared shots, the loveliness of them kind of inspired me. I started thinking back to when digital photography was new and exciting... when I carried a camera (sometimes two) on my person at all times; when I took pictures of virtually anything, just because I could. I look back now and I can see casual, ordinary working days when I went strolling at lunchtime and took literally hundreds of photographs. I'd be surprised if I take a half a dozen in a week now. Wow, what happened?

Anyway, I decided I should really get back out this spring and summer and do some more infrared work. There are great parks around here; nice places at the edge of town... I just need a bright day, the contrast of dark sky and inky-black water and the trees like snow, and I can get some more of that wonder. A couple of weeks ago I went looking for replacement batteries to fit the S80 (and the S70 and Rebel XT, for what it's worth: same battery). A place in British Columbia was selling them for about $8 apiece, so I bought four. They're here and waiting.

Had a roam through my old IR shots again yesterday evening and uploaded nearly two dozen to Flickr. Some of them are probably already there, but I don't care. It was just a way to start to get back into it.


Jim Grey said...

I've never shot IR but always think that the white landscapes it yields are so cool.

barefoot hiker said...

They are cool, aren't they? I remember when I fist saw that kind of thing on Flickr... wow, I guess it's closing in on ten years ago!... and thinking I had to get into that if I possibly could. If you really are interested, folks have got all kinds of reconditioned digitals up on eBay, some of them really reasonably priced too.