Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Okay, and here's the second thing...

Yesterday evening on my way home, I happened to notice that gas was 65.5¢/L. Okay, not bad. People weren't exactly lined up around the block, but I'd guess there was about a five minute wait. I knew it wouldn't last, but I didn't particularly need gas at the moment, so I took a pass on it.

This morning on my way to work, I glance up as I pass the same station. Gas is listed at 78-point-something. So it was when I went out for a bit at lunch time. Then, half an hour later, coming back past a station I'd just seen 78.8 cents quoted, I noticed it was now 80.2!

Remember the good old days when the price of gas never went down, just slowly slowly slowly crept up? You knew in a year it would be five, ten cents more. Something. But this, this is ridiculous. Somebody tell me, please, what could possibly have happened within 18 hours to justify the price of gas going up almost 25%! Shouldn't I be hearing about it, whatever it is, on the radio? You know, like someone blew up every fourth oil tanker, or oil refinery, or oil-producing country on Earth? Something, anything. Just offer me some explanation that makes sense. Why aren't governments doing something about this? What, they can keep the phone company from raising rates at pay phones, but they can't keep a sensible lid on the price of the commodity that gets us to and from work, gets produce to markets, gets manufactured goods from one city to another?

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