Wednesday, July 28, 2004

This give me gas (or at least, sells it to me for less)...

Okay, I know all this stuff's in reverse order, so this is going to look kind of silly, but remember (waaay down there) where I said gas was 65.5¢ a litre after work yesterday, and 80.2¢ at lunch time? Well, I passed the gas station in my neighbourhood on the way home and guess what? It's 65.5 again.

Fine, if they're going to do this, we should pass a law enabling anyone to go back to the gas station within 48 hours with their receipt and be refunded the difference on this kind of gouging. There is absolutely no justification for screwing someone for 80 cents a litre when quite clearly, the "real" price of gasoline is somewhere in the mid-60s. But then, the federal government gets not just a set amount per litre, but a set percentage of the take. Ahhhh... could that have something to do with their lack of concern, action, and even interest in keeping the semblance of sanity in gas prices?

What do you think?

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