Tuesday, September 07, 2004

On the lighter side

Yesterday was Labour Day, which makes today the first day of school all over North America. Possibly elsewhere, too, I don't know. But it made getting to work today a little harder. But I came to a realization while I was sitting at an intersection waiting for a light to change. I'm seriously starting to get old. Gone is the sympathy I used to feel on this day in earlier years... the knot in the gut, the wistful looking back over an empty summer (though I admit, the bitter, stale, almost 'fake' sense of summer vacation in the closing days of August is still with me). What I felt this morning was more akin to, well, good, get back to things. Get busy, find your purpose. Not gloating, but almost happiness on their behalf... they weren't losing their freedom, but regaining their focus. Wow... where did that come from? Gettin' old, that's where. Well... older, anyway.

Bill Clinton just had a quad (so, apparently, did Rodney Dangerfield, who's 83! Wow!). That's kind of sobering. Like, isn't Bill only in his 50s? Wasn't he the guy the Secret Service used to jog behind? Cripes, what chance have I got? I sure as hell don't jog. And hey, didn't he get all that exercise in the Oval Office with all those interns (nudge nudge wink wink say n'more)? I sure as hell don't get any of that either, but hey...

My cousin's daughter was nearly a White House intern a few years ago. No kidding. She was in the USMC and got on some kind of list. She didn't make it. I don't remember why now. But I keep thinking of how interesting life might have been for her if she had. Heh.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have to agree with you pal. Were getting old and I seem to have much less tolerance for "youths".
The saying is true: Youth is wasted on the youngs!
How I wish I could redo some of my youth with the knowledge I have now. Don't get me wrong I'm very happy with my life. But it irks me to see some kids wasting opportunity away and other wasting all these efforts of bad opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Ireland offline pal.
Its happened again pal. No incoming or outgoing mail.
A blog site is called for, can you set one up?
porterdown news rocks>lol